"Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist
has experienced." - Tolstoy

"Still Life and Landscape Photography are the most intensive categories that you will find through Joseph Gerges Portfolio.
He is a professional advertising photographer living in Egypt who has turned to fine art photography.
Joseph likes to explore a broard range of photographic subject matter and especially enjoys still life work, historical architecture and landscapes.
He tries to create a strong visual statement in his work in order to take it beyond the documentary and express a personal vision.
He has exhibited in Egypt, Germany, England, and the States with more venues planned in the near future and has sold images to poster companies and galleries in various countries."
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"From cityscapes to uncommon portraits; from the southern hemisphere to the northern; from the grand monuments of the ages to the subtle beauty of the prosaic, Joseph Gerges' photographs traverse continental boundaries to capture the architecture and faces of diverse cultures...Gerges' photographs are elegant and often breathtaking views of seaports and long shadows ducking through the archways of Egyptian mosques, of the pyramids of the desert and citadels illuminated by exquisite light."